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Virtualisation offers all businesses immediate cost advantages and opportunities to build and grow highly flexible IT environments. With an increase in the number of solutions now available means SMEs can do a lot of the things that previously only Enterprise businesses could do.

Benefits of Virtualisation

  • Reduced Costs – by having increased data storage space and less server maintenance through increased hardware utilisation
  • General improved business efficiency Easier Technology Management – through automation and monitoring capabilities allowing administrators to perform more high value tasks
  • Reduced server acquisition costs
  • Environmentally friendly - Reduced power consumption and cooling requirements across fewer devices by up to 80%

Virtualisation -  On Premise Solutions

If you like the comfort or need to have your IT infrastructure located on premise you don’t have to go in the “cloud”.

With ageing hardware and legacy applications having too much risk attached in upgrading them to newer versions then virtualising could be the solution to protect the business.

Virtualisation can also provide added levels of redundancy especially if you have mission critical systems.

We would conduct a review of your IT Infrastructure and put a solution together and a short term road map to include other areas that need to be upgraded as part of this project.

Virtualisation -  Off Premise Solution or Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is now reality and there are many providers that can host your servers and data virtually in there data centres.

The provider manages the infrastructure and you manage your virtual environment.

This solution provides a more agile IT solution because you can bring up a new server within the hour without having to worry if your infrastructure will cope with the new virtual server. As its hosted in the cloud, you will pay an additional daily charge for the additional server.

One of the key benefits of Cloud Hosting is the cost model. You only pay for what you use, so if you have R&D servers that can be switched off over night and weekends then that makes about 40% cost savings.

Cloud hosting doesn't work for all and we would discuss the options with you and look at a managed migration to the Cloud if you decided to move forward with this solution.